Valeting service

Naturally you are proud of your car, but keeping it at its best is not just a case of just making it look good!

We offer a thorough valeting service which includes everything you need to protect your vehicle and maximise it’s possible resale value. Our service will help protect the paintwork, engine bay, wheels, trim and upholstery etc.

We have our own specialist valeting technician who will gently remove any dirt and grime before sealing in a long lasting professional shine, both inside and out, giving you more time to enjoy the pleasures of owning a prestige vehicle which looks as good as the day that it left the showroom.

Hyde Park Cars - Independent BMW Specialists
Please be aware that some specifications may differ from that shown in our adverts and mileage readings are approximate as a result of third party data. Please contact our Sales Team to confirm any details and they will be happy to help.